NAMA and appointed Receivers


North Wall Quay, Dublin 1


Corporate Offices & Apartments / 80,000sqm

The shell of the former Anglo Irish Building on North Wall Quay has become an iconic symbol of the Celtic Tiger’s demise. The completion of the building and the considered development of the remaining site can present a potent symbol of sustained recovery.

Planning approval has been achieved for buildings 01 & 02 as single or multi-tentented office buildings. Planning submissions have been prepared for building 03, 04, and 05 comprising the mix of office, residential and retail space.

We continue to engage with the projects receivers, NAMA and a number of parties keenly interested in completing the building and developing out the site. Having been involved in the project from its inception The O’Toole Partnership is best positioned to contribiute to the succesfull completion of the building and a sustainable development of the site.