Landmark Developments


Sandyford, Dublin 18


Imaginosity Children's Museum / 1,300 sqm

As an educational tool, ‘Imaginosity’ sets out to challenge children’s preconceptions of buildings, space and form. A children’s museum, it invites young children to come to play in a variety of interactive learning environments from fantasy theatre to TV studios. As one moves through the building, the fabric and exhibitions describe green and sustainable systems. The climax of the journey is the glass-fronted, energy plant exhibition area at roof level, flanked by wind turbines and solar panels.

The building hovers as a center-piece within the main plaza of the Beacon South Quarter development. Through the buildings architectural expression, our client sought an identifiable icon, affording instant recognition and marketability for the development. The conditions for entry stipulate that no child may enter or exit unaccompanied by an adult, or adults enter unaccompanied by children!