Warsaw, Poland


Polish Army Museum / 57,500 sqm

The Museum of the Polish Army sponsored an international architectural competition in December 08 for the design of a new museum in Warsaw. The building is to be built within the historic 19th-century fortress in Warsaw's Żoliborz district. The brief required the museum to be designed in the location of the historic Pavilion III – IX of the Citadel.

The museum sits sensitively within the Citadel and is arranged around a major public square. The main building of approximately 55,000sqm accommodates modules of exhibition space, linked by a defined route. The ramped exhibition route terminates with restaurant, conference rooms, and theatre. The sweeping monolithic form of the building is fractured by glazed atrium / entrance hall. North and south wings provide covered external exhibition space. Visitors car parking is discreetly set beneath the square with generous access points animating the space.